Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Massage?

A full body Swedish massage usually lasts for an hour and includes legs, feet, back, neck, shoulders arms and hands (sometimes the stomach/scalp).

Base oils are used to nourish the skin and allow the use of flowing massage movements to the muscles. A hacking or vibration movement may also be used which stimulates and warms the muscles, as well as improving blood flow.

Swedish massage is generally relaxing and the pressure usually varies between light and medium,   although firmer pressure can be used if requested.

Reported benefits include: relaxation and reduction of stress levels, reduction in pain/headaches/tension and injury recovery amongst many others.


Back, Neck and Shoulder

45mins                 £40.00

Full Body

60mins                 £50.00

75mins                  £60.00

90mins                 £70.00

120 mins              £90.00